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It’s a crazy time for all of us right now. Half the world is stuck at home. There have been thousands of people who have lost their jobs, businesses have had to close their doors. So many things that are out of our control, the one thing, however, is that we still do have control over the way we can use this time. We can use this time to cleanse, to get grounded and take some time for a bit of self-care. Here at Slay Vacay, we share some tips on how to take this time to recharge and reset.

Make a hot beverage

There is nothing that makes our hearts warm more with a large cuppa. Flick the kettle on and brew a cup of delicious relaxation tea or hot chocolate. Our favourites are green tea and camomile. This helps us to unwind and let go after a busy day.  

Run a bath

You had us at bath!… Relaxing in a nice hot bath is our ultimate relaxation (with a glass of wine that is :P) Run a hot bath and drop a gorgeous smelling bath bomb or magnesium salts, which will soak into your skin and relax every inch of your body.

Read a book

Get stuck into a romantic novel or crime thriller. Reading is said to help reduce stress and aids in sleep, it also lengthens your lifespan. So turn the telly off and take out a book. 

Phones away

Being on your phone and staring at your screen hours on end isn’t going to help reduce your stress levels….we all know that, so find a place in your home that you can leave your phone to charge overnight. Detoxing from all technology is a great release feeling.

Write a journal

Keep a journal handy and write down all your thoughts of the day, write letters, poems or even self-love notes. This is a great way to unwind. Pen and paper the old fashioned style.  


Practising daily meditation is amazing for your mind and soul. We all go through some sort of stress and anxiety through our life. Learning how to calm your mind is key to reducing this. Start off being a 10-minute breathing exercise. Be still and become present. Over time this will improve your way of life.


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