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The weekend is almost upon us..again! YASS GIRL. It’s time to unwind, plan a weekend trip with your gals or have a Sunday sess at a cool rooftop bar. Here are our top picks to get you in the mood this winter.

The weekend is YOUR time…Unwind and relax from your week. Treat yourself with a relaxing facial or a massage. This is a great time to slow down and take a moment for yourself.

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Weekend gal trip…Ummm hello, Byron, where else BUT Byron :)…..This is our go-to destination for your gals trip away. Byron has all the cool gal buzz and vibes, from trendy bars and restaurants to lighthouse walks and markets.  While the beach may be a little cold, opt-in for Byron’s amazing hinterland estates. Think cozy nights beside a fireplace overlooking the stunning scenery. Air BnB (Link) offers some breathtaking accommodation for your gals weekend escape.

Don’t let the ‘Oh its Monday tomorrow’ ruin your Sunday sess with your gals. Sunday sess has become a popular catch up on weekends. A couple of cheeky espresso martini’s or rose is ain't gonna hurt. Rooftop bars have become amongst the most popular spots. Cool vibes, funky chilled hits and of course the scenery. Hello…This is definitely where you’ll find me.

Winter Cocktails Must Try:
Espresso Martini
Spiked Cinnamon Chai Latte
Winter Blue
Cranberry Mulled Wine

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