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Major girl crush and Slay’s first IT girl Kyra Moller, this 17-year old bubbly beauty from the Gold Coast seems to have everything down pat. She radiates natural beauty and confidence with glowing skin, freckles and dimples to gush over - oh and did we mention she is down to earth? There’s something about Kyra that we just can’t get enough. We spent the day with Kyra and asked her a few questions about her weekend style and how she keeps positive. Read below.

City: Gold Coast
Profession: Sales representative
Star Sign: Virgo

What’s your favourite weekend style?
My favourite weekend style is summer chic! I love the pastels and floaty skirts

What does a normal weekend look like for you?

I love to either head down to the beach and get my tan on or set up an easel and do some artwork,
I love painting and drawing in my spare time.

3 items in your wardrobe you can't live without?

My denim skirt, my heels and my sunnies of course.

You have 10 minutes to get ready for a day with your gals, what do you wear?

Quickly put on some eyeliner, a cute lace-up blouse and my high waisted skirt.

What are the best tips on staying positive and feeling great about yourself?

Always speak kindly to yourself. Look in the mirror and practice positive affirmations and surround yourself
with what makes you happy.

What is your favourite accessory?

Sunglasses, all day every day.

Kyra wears:
Dani $69.95
Milo $49.95
Daisy $49.95
Hazel $49.95
Florence $59.95

Model: @kyrakiasmox
Photographer: @jamesmeyer
Stylist: @stylebyangelica

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