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The Travel Witch_Blog Entry_Nicole_Q&A

The Travel Witch_Blog Entry_Nicole_Q&A
We were fortunate enough to catch up with Nicole from @the.travelwitch this bubbly, down to earth gal tells us about her travel experiences and how it changed her life. She's also got some serious travel envy photos.

The Travel Witch_Blog Entry_Nicole_Q&A


What inspired you to travel?

To me, travel has been about freedom, and that freedom is something I’ve been longing for years. Like so many others, I always did what others expected of me. I got a degree studying business because that’s what my dad wanted for me. When I was in school, I was fortunate enough to study abroad twice. First I went to Argentina for a semester to further my Spanish minor and I fell in love with the language, the warm and passionate culture, and the adventure of it all. I also loved being out of my comfort zone and the independence travel afforded me. When I soon transferred to another school and found they had a satellite campus in Dublin, Ireland, I saw my second chance to live and study in another country. I jumped on it. 
After I graduated, I started working right away at a beautiful historic B&B in Vermont, where I was living. One thing led to another and soon I was promoted to manager and had a lot of responsibility, which didn’t afford me much freedom to travel. I took 1 week-long trip a year, until my last year there when I convinced my bosses to close for 5 weeks during our slowest time of the year. I immediately booked a flight to Costa Rica where my boyfriend and I travelled the country for a month, coast to coast, from the jungles to mountains, to beaches, to cities and back. My ultimate dream was for the first time in my life to experience the freedom of travelling without a return ticket, and without expectations or responsibilities awaiting me. By August 2019 I had saved enough money to travel for about a year, and here I am, 7 months and 7 countries later!

What’s your favourite thing about travelling?

I believe the universe puts us exactly where we’re meant to be, and when. To travel means to take a massive leap of faith because anything can happen! So no matter what, you’re kind of throwing yourself out into the world and letting the universe have its way with you. Everything that goes wrong, every person you meet, every change of plans, every unexpected joy and terror is just part of the adventure. These things shape your journey and give you perspective. They make you wise and adaptable, and they humble you to your core. Travelling shows you the full spectrum of who you are as a person, how you react and respond to the world. And sometimes those things aren’t fun or easy to see, but they’re important. For me, there’s some serious magic in that. Not only do you learn more about the world and about humanity, but you learn so much about yourself. 

The Travel Witch_Blog Entry_Nicole

What’s your favourite travel destination you have been to?

Honestly, each of the places I’ve travelled hold such a special place in my heart! But if I had to choose one from my recent travels, it would be Venice, Italy. I had really low expectations because everyone says it’s touristy, overrated, and smells bad. But because we were there in the offseason, we got to enjoy all the best parts of the city — the rich history, the architectural quirks, the mysterious nooks and alleyways, eateries where the locals go, and the art of masquerade during their traditional Carnaval celebration. I just love places that are a little artsy, a little strange, a little gritty, and a little mysterious. 

What are the 3 things you can’t travel without?

My tarot cards. 2. My earbuds for listening to music, meditations, podcasts, and audiobooks. 3. My Blundstones.

How did you become a travel influencer?

Ah, it’s such a journey and I’m still very much learning and finding my path. I’ve discovered I'm most passionate about the intersections of travel with holistic wellness and spirituality, and I’m always working to weave these elements together with content that feels cohesive and authentic. But again, once I had the idea to create my brand, The Travel Witch, the stars just sort of began to align. All the teachers and expanders (people I look up to) began to appear and I just started saying yes to opportunities that I wouldn’t have bothered with before. 
For instance, while working at the B&B in Vermont, we had a travel blogger come to exchange her photos and a blog post for a complimentary stay. Working with her was such a pleasure that of course I continued to follow her and stay in touch. About a year later, I knew I was ready to transform my career and I saw she was working for a company that ran retreats for female bloggers and creatives. I just remember getting this “hell yes” feeling in my gut that this was going to be the perfect stepping stone. And it was! Previously when I’d look at those retreats, they felt totally inaccessible, irrelevant, and unavailable to me. When my self worth shifted, so did my reality. So I like to think you learn from the best by surrounding yourself with people and opportunities that give you room to grow. 

What is the best advice you ever received?

I remember when someone first told me to stop taking other people’s advice, and I was shocked. But I think we often already know an answer intuitively and continue to ask our friends’ and family's advice anyway because we either doubt our own inner knowing or want to avoid the truth because it’s scary. So my advice is to listen to yourself first and last. Your own approval is the only one that truly matters, and no matter how much other people want what’s best for you, only you can sense and feel what that looks like. Only you can give yourself permission. This is a skill that takes a lot of practice, but there are tools. For me, the tarot helps tremendously and I use it to communicate with my intuition daily. 

3 things that best describe you?

“Just passing through” — These words make up my first tattoo I got when I was 19 and to me, they represent that everything is temporary. Their meaning evolves as I do but somehow rings even more true all the time! Since travelling full time, they are a reminder to stay present and to savour being in the here and now.
The Travel Witch — Beyond being the name of my brand, the travelling witch represents an identity I aim to embody by seeking, magnetizing, and sharing magick of the world, with the world. To me, magick is anything that either can’t be explained or fully understood, and I think some things are just meant to be that way!

Virgo — In my birth chart, both my sun and ascendant/rising are in the sign of Virgo. This often feels like a blessing and a curse as I can be especially self-critical, perfectionistic, and uptight. Good thing self love is an ongoing journey! 

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