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If you watched “Married at First Sight”, last year, you’ll remember the gorgeous Lauren Huntriss (@laurenhuntriss). But this lady has so much more than glamour and glitz. The Sydney make-up artist came into her own via social media, honing her skills to build up a big following. People love seeing the true Lauren and lap up her video tutorials. See below how Lauren stayed positive during the lockdown, what she got up to and how she always manages to stay true to herself.
Name: Lauren Huntriss
Lives: Sydney
Profession: Freelance Makeup Artist
How did you get into influencing?
Having worked in the beauty industry as an educator/trainer for many years I have always enjoyed sharing my knowledge and tips with friends and family. I was fortunate to grow a decent social media following from my time on MAFS so I decided to share this knowledge with my followers and noticed that they were highly engaged with this type of content. This inspired me to start filming mini-tutorials for my IGTV and even Youtube. Eventually, brands started reaching out to me to endorse their products and now I am lucky enough to get paid to do what I love.
What are your 3 wardrobe essentials?
Is underwear considered one? Haha! Being a country girl at heart I would have to say a nice classic pair of jeans (I personally prefer high rise), a basic t-shirt or sweater and slide on mules with a thicker heel. I love mules, they are so comfortable and stylish. They can transform the most casual outfit into a more sophisticated style.
Favourite makeup product?
I love anything that gives the skin a glow like illuminating drops or powered highlighter. It just makes the skin look so fresh and healthy.
What hobbies did you get up to in isolation?
I really got back into graphic design. I received my Diploma back in 2014 and never pursued a career in this (as I hate sitting at a desk all day). I started playing around designing logos and cards, its such a great skill to have in this day and age. I also taught myself how to edit videos! Being stuck indoors for so long during isolation really drew out the creativity in me.
When we can all travel again, where would you like to go?
I've recently started practising meditation, so I'd really love to go on a meditation retreat, maybe in Bali or somewhere like that.
What are the best tips on staying positive and feeling great about yourself?
Practice daily positive affirmations for self-love. Avoid social media….sometimes I find myself scrolling for hours and comparing myself to all these genetically blessed women. It does not make me feel good and half the time it's not even real! With photoshop and surgically enhanced bodies, it's just sad really.
Exercise!! All of those released endorphins sure make you feel good.
Speak urgently to those who inspire and uplift you. Get rid of toxic ‘friends’ or anyone that makes you question your self-worth.
Self-care! Its so important to take time out to focus on doing something for yourself whether that’s a face mask once a week or a bubble bath.

Follow Lauren: @laurenhuntriss
Lauren is wearing Kaia shades in Tort

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