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This month we interviewed the always-gorgeous Mumma-to-be and chic budget fashion find expert, Jessica Allen from @thebudgetstylefile. Jessica has created a huge Instagram following helping the everyday woman find fabulous outfits at very affordable prices. Read below her style tips and how she prepares for the perfect insta shot. 

Jessica Allen
Lives: Brisbane
Profession: Project Administrator / Part time Influencer 

How did you get into influencing?
For the last few years I have been working in project administration and found myself wanting some sort of creative outlet in my spare time. Previous to admin I worked in retail for many years and that's where my love for fashion began.

I have always been a bargain hunter and one day it dawned on me...why not start an Instagram page where I can share my affordable finds!

Here I am almost a year later and completely blown away by the support I have already gained from my followers. It's such a great community of people! 

What are your 3 wardrobe essentials?

  1. Denim jeans - they will never go out of style! I personally love a light wash high waisted straight leg. They can be worn casually or paired with a gorgeous pair of heels. 

  2. Blazer - They can be dressed up, dressed down, worn to work and looks great on everyone. For colour I recommend either a black or neutral tone so you can comfortably mix and match with your wardrobe. 

  3. A plain white sneaker - You can pretty much pair them with anything and are perfect for all seasons! 

Fave colour combo outfit?
I'm all about the neutral colours so I can easily mix and match pieces in my wardrobe, but do love the freshness of beige and white! 

What hobbies did you get up to in isolation?
I'm sure we can all agree isolation was a strange time, and really feeling for VIC who are going through it all again! My husband and I went for walks every day and I started trying out mediation also. It also allowed me some time to get into the cupboards and do a bit of organising!

How do you prepare for a good gram pic?
It all depends on the situation. Sometimes it could be a spare of the moment photo and other times I may have a collaboration with strict posting guidelines that must be adhered to. 

Lighting: Due to the lighting in my apartment, I need to consider what time of the day I will take the photo. I usually take mine in the morning as the lighting is best at this time. If it's a rainy, dark day I need to either work on the editing of the photo or change the settings on my camera. Photo quality is super important!  

Makeup and Hair: I like to make sure I am well presented by doing my hair and makeup. I also like to wear my hair differently depending on the outfit I wear. 

Plan outfit: I consider all the different elements of an outfit and what my caption would be about/ what story am I telling. 

Editing: Once I have finished taking photos I like to spend a little time editing my photos to make sure they are crisp and fit in with my current colour theme on my feed. I use an app called "Preview" to see what my posts will look like in tile format ahead of time. 

What are your best tips on staying positive and feeling great about yourself?
I believe it's super important to find joy in every day! Do something that will make you feel happy, whether it's going to your local cafe and grabbing a coffee, going for a walk and getting out in the fresh air or taking up a new hobby. It's the little things that can make a huge difference to your day. 

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