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Grace Shugg, the bubbly, socialite from Kingscliff – recently appointed Miss World State Finalist for 2020. You’ll most likely catch her at the beach modelling for the gram or at her favourite café joint ‘Niche & Co’. At only 19, she already has a following of 11k on Instagram and rising. She has style, confidence and radiates positivity. We asked her a few questions on how she makes the most of her life.
 Age: 19
Lives: Kingscliff
Profession: Hospitality
How would you best describe your style?

My style can range from beachy, to vintage right down to girly dresses and heels. I feel as though I don’t have a set style, I just see what I like and I dress how I feel on that day.

How did you get into modelling and fashion?
My dad won a free studio photoshoot and gave it to me and from there I loved it and just wanted to keep modelling. It wasn’t just that easy. I definitely have pictures from my first photoshoots that I just would never show anyone :). You just need to start somewhere and get comfortable in front of the camera. Then from there, you can start to explore a different kind of shoot styles and meet so many people. My tip to anyone starting out…go and join the Facebook groups for models and photographers in your area. I’ve had all my paid jobs from these groups.
As for fashion, I've been dressing since I was 2 and although I had no sense of style back then I just loved clothes. I have always had a beachy style as I have lived so close to the beach my whole life but I loved to wear different stuff and accessories have become my new favourite friend. You can change an outfit up so much and look so well put together even if you are just wearing a casual outfit.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
My inspiration comes from Instagram and Pinterest. I like to stick to my own sense of style but also incorporate what others are doing and what is trending. I like my Instagram to look beachy so I always try to flow with that theme by getting pictures at the beach or even just plain white walls and always accessorise with beachy jewellery and bags etc. to keep that theme going. Although I’m always at the beach I try my best to make it look that way hehe.
What does a day off look like for you?
Hopefully spending it with my boyfriend but he only has Mondays and Sundays off so my days off during the week are spent at the beach. If it’s a nice day I'll most likely taking content for my Instagram. Also always eating out (guilty).

What is your go-to hangout spot?
My go-to is either Coolangatta Beach or my favourite cafes (Niche & Co, Next Door Espresso).
What is the best advice you ever received?
Probably not to get so attached to people. People come and go in your life and they are all here for a reason and if they leave it for the best.
What are your tips for staying positive and happy and feeling great?
My tips for staying positive is to always remind yourself of what you're grateful for. Try and find time in your day to do something that you love and surround yourself with people who make you smile, you don’t have time for negativity.

Instagram: @graceshugg
Grace is wearing Hazel shades

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