Love is...

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked six of our beautiful influencers what love means to them and how they express it to their loved ones. Love is something that gives meaning to life.
Love is romantic. Love is friendship. Love is happiness.

Svetlana_Director_Slay Vacay


“Waking up next to my partner and feeling warmth and happiness every single day.
He still gives me goosebumps seeing his smile".

Tamara Joy Married at First Sight Season 6

Married at First Sight Season 6

“This is a hard question for me to answer. I have the biggest heart and I love, love. So naturally I fall in love quite easily but in the same breathe it takes someone pretty special to keep me in love.

I am the ride or die type of girl and when I love, I love so hard that I would do anything and everything for you, to me love is getting lost in someone, that unconditional type of love”.

Niki @ Kombilife Instagram Influencer

Writer, Foodie, Mum, Fashion

“Love is realising your heart was never complete without them and never imagining ever being apart".


Melissa Hartshorn Social Media Coach


Instagram Coach

“Love to me is when my partner is cleaning".


Nikki Ferris The Bachelor

The Bachelor Season 7

“Love is like a home-cooked meal that you cherish every moment and you can feel it’s warmth inside you. Love is finding you’re person. The person who makes you laugh till you cry, the person who wipes your tears and makes you feel whole. At the end of the day, there is no better feeling to be in love and then to feel that love in return”.

Paige Blankfield Instagram Influencer

“Love means being there for someone, caring for them and accepting their flaws, always and unconditionally.

Love for me is having someone who will always be there for me, a best friend, someone who will never judge me and who will have my back through thick and thin”.

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