Beating the Winter Blues: Guide to Preventing Dry Skin

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Let’s be honest…who besides me likes winter?  Winter is finally upon us and yes we are going to not so enjoy the cold winds, dry skin and dark mornings. But let’s not be too upset about all that but concentrate on educating and looking after our skin and trying to maintain that perfect glowing skin. Your skin is the largest organ on your body so it’s important that you look after it. Every season your skin is affected but especially in winter with that season being the driest. I have suffered from sensitive skin since I was born. So, unfortunately, I've had to watch everything I put on my skin. Growing up I have educated myself enough to know which products work and which don’t.

Here are my top 7 tips to stay hydrated through this winter season.

    Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse. I cannot stress to you enough how important cleaning is before bedtime, whether you have worn makeup or not. It’s important that you clean and remove all dirt and makeup. My top cleansers are:

    Cream Cleaner by Kora Organics $39.95
    Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter by Body Shop $25
    Eve Lom Cleanser $109

    If you are suffering from extra dry skin I highly recommend after cleansing applying a face oil and let that soak into your skin for as long as you can. I apply a few drops on my palm and press into my face. 

    Noni Glow Face Oil by Kora Organics $79.95
    Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil by Drunk Elephant $110
    Face Hero by Go-To Skincare $45

    It’s no brainer to moisturise your face before bedtime. Just before bed apply a layer of non-greasy thick moisturiser all over your face, this will give you ultimate hydration. Moisturise is key when it comes to dry skin, so it's very important that you continue to do this every night. My tip..make sure you also blend and rub into your neck.

    Hyrdra Hyaluronic Cellular Serum by Ella Bache $95
    Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream by The Body Shop $28
    Goat Milk Moisturing Cream by Kate Somerville $99

    Wearing sunscreen during the day sounds strange right? Well…it’s not…We still get the harsh sun rays, so protecting your face in winter is still just as important. This will also activate as a moisturise for your skin. 

    Zincredible SPF15 by Go-To Skincare $45
    Liposomal Lotion SPF50+, by ACTINICA $37.90

    Once a week is all you need to help get rid of the weekly build-up of dirt and grim for a deeper cleanse. Exfoliation is my favourite as it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. 

    Dr Barbara Strum Facial Scrub by Barbara Strum $87
    Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment By Kate Somerville $130
    Tumeric Brightening Exfoliating Mask by Kora Organics $59.95

    Although this is a hard one to avoid during the colder months having hot showers also drys out and irritates your skin. The hot water damages the keratin cells on the outer layer of your skin making it more irritable and dry. So best to avoid if you can. 

  7. WATER
    Drinking plenty of water is key to hydration. I cannot stress to you enough about how important water is for our bodies. I have to constantly remind myself to drink during the winter months as you tend to forget. Your body temperature isn’t as hot and you think your body doesn’t need as much BUT its actually the opposite I believe in winter this is where you need water the most. So don’t forget to top up your water bottle once its empty.

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