Binge Worthy Shows this June

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Grab your blanket and popcorn, get comfortable as below we have wrapped up our favourite binge-worthy shows we have been hooked on this June.

The Sinner, Season 3
Detective Harry Ambrose is back in the ever suspenseful dark crime-drama, The Sinner Season 3. We all know The Sinner, plays the suspenseful, sneaky trick of leading us into thinking who the obvious is, only to be lead to a new path right at the last minute. The series clearly plays more of the ‘why’ than of the ‘how’ and ‘who done it’ of the crime. But in Season 3 there is also the suspense of the ‘what’ happens. Detective Ambrose looks into a car accident in upstate New York involving a local, Jamie which leads him to another hidden crime.
Queer Eye
The fab five are back in town, this time in Philadelphia, where they meet and help a group of heroes achieve their confidence and self-love. A must watch to get you in a good mood. We have the feels.  
The Bold Type

The 3 besties are back with Season 4, where you will see more drama, more fashion and of course more juicy gossip. Set in the office of a Scarlet Magazine, Jacqueline is no longer the editor in chief and Jane’s relationship with Ryan is on the rocks.

Sex Education

Brace yourself for the ever so funny and unexpectedly bawdy British comedy about sexuality. Otis, the main character knows a thing or two about sexual dysfunction, due to some childhood trauma. His mother is also a sex therapist. Otis meets Maeve, Maeve sees this as a financial opportunity and forms an agreement where she finds sexually needy customers. Through a series of events, Otis becomes the school's sex therapist in the same manner, as his mother does for adults.
Love is Blind
Think ‘Love Island’ but cheesier, 'Love is Blind' is all about finding your match for who they are rather than looks. Singles sign up to meet each other behind curtains, building up a connection with each other before actually meeting face to face until after a week or so. This is a less conventional approach to dating, with no outside distractions. When a meaningful connection is formed, they propose. You then see them out into the real world to see what life is like for the couple and see if they still hold that emotional connection into a physical before their wedding ceremony.

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